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Puddingstone Lake at Bonelli Park, San Dimas

What's New in San Dimas
FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018

Local Variety and Family Fun, the San Dimas Farmers Market (Mar 30, 2018)


The weekly Farmers Market, hosted by Advocates for Healthy Living, is back! The Market takes place every Wednesday evening from 4 pm to 8:30 pm through September 5, with extended hours during non-school days until 9 pm.

Take the night off from cooking and come out to enjoy specially prepared foods such as BBQ delights, tamales, sweets, and roasted corn. Certified growers will be selling all of your favorite California fruits, vegetables, and flowers. EBT/SNAP Accepted.

With live bands, handcrafted gifts and home decor, and a variety of games and rides, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Support the San Dimas Farmers Market and make every Wednesday a night of family fun and entertainment. Find the Market on Facebook at sandimasfarmersmarket for weekly promotions.

The Farmers Market will be located on First Street, east of Iglesia, and in a portion of the City Hall parking lot. For additional information, call or text Advocates for Healthy Living at (909) 581-4744.

Recent Coyote Sightings in San Dimas (Apr 3, 2018)

Recently residents have reported seeing coyotes around their neighborhoods. Although coyotes are most active in the early evening through early morning hours, some residents have also reported seeing them out in the middle of the day.

Follow these tips to keep your family and pets safe and discourage wildlife from visiting your yard:

* Never intentionally feed wildlife.
* Wildlife is attracted to an easy meal; don't leave pet food or water outside, especially at night.
* Bring your pets inside before dark. Shut pet doors at dusk.
* Secure the lids of your outdoor garbage cans.
* Pick up fallen fruit from the ground nightly. Pick fruit when it's ripe.
* Fence or net areas that you wish to protect.
* Clear away woodpiles and brush piles after the winter. Keep vegetation near the house neatly trimmed.
* Close access to crawl spaces, attic, shed and garage spaces. Keep all doors closed at night.
* Cap or screen off your chimney to keep animals from falling in or building nests in the chimney.
* Keep barbecues clean and inside the garage.
* Keep compost in locked containers.

If you notice an aggressive coyote in your neighborhood, call the Inland Valley Humane Society at (909) 623-9777.Visit their website at for additional information.

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