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Horsethief Canyon Park, San Dimas

Historic Downtown Directory


San Dimas Museum/Pacific Railroad Museum138 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # 105909-592-0899
Heart of the Village Antique Mall155 W. Bonita Ave.909-394-0628
Old Towne Antiques125 W. Bonita Ave.909-394-1836
A Few Nice Things165 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-3087
Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow145 E. Bonita Ave.909-394-3147
Bonita Antiques157 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-1828
Kris Marks Antiques233 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-6320
Jerry Eastin233 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-6320
Glenn Keller233 W. Bonita Ave.626-357-4330

Art Gallery/Museum

Second Story Art Gallery at Walker House121 N. San Dimas Ave.909-599-5374
San Dimas Museum/Pacific Railroad Museum210 W. Bonita Ave.909-305-9466


San Dimas Chevron / A1 Auto Service121 N. San Dimas Ave.909-592-6300
Early Ford Store108 W. Bonita Ave.909-305-1955
Good Year Tire & Rubber Co. / Scher Tire100 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-6872
Schon Motorcars247 W. Bonita Ave.909-224-2188


Chaparral Lanes (bowling)400 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-2722

General Merchandise

Dollar Tree156 E Bonita. Ave. Suite # C3909-599-4530
CVS Pharmacy120 E Bonita Ave.909-305-4888


Albertson's220 E. Bonita Ave.909-599-8836
Circle K301 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-5085
Happy Mart451 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # 4909-599-2508


D.L. Wyler Dentistry115 E. Bonita Ave.909-599-2369
San Dimas Optometry120 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # A909-599-1100
Spectrum Eyecare Optometry Inc.425 W. Bonita Ave. #110B909-394-0462
Zero Gravity Fitness133 E. Bonita Ave. Suite # 103909-394-3015


The Train Stop211 W. Bonita Ave909-599-2602


Marstellerz at Walker House121 N. San Dimas Ave.909-599-7900
Top Thai110 N. San Dimas Ave.909-971-9800
Casa del Rey345 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-2776
Little Tokyo Sushi Bar & Restaurant150 E. Bonita Ave.909-599-0666
Pozzetto Italian Dining114 W. Bonita Ave.909-305-9797
Roady's Restaurant160 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-0980
Angela's Italian Kitchen130 E. Bonita Ave.909-599-5860
The Pizza Place170 E. Bonita Ave.909-592-2921
Starbucks114 E. Bonita Ave.909-592-2791
Subway134 E. Bonita Ave. Suite # E-3909-592-5611
Taco Factory133 E. Bonita Ave. Suite # 102909-592-3677
Enchanted Rose Tea Parlour120 W. Bonita Ave. #G909-394-4588
Sweet Savory Café & Bakery138 W. Bonita Ave. #103909-305-9738


Finishing Touch Make-up116 W. Bonita Ave.714-791-0374
A Second Look138 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # 106909-599-1062
Affinity Hair & Skin451 W. Bonita Ave. #2909-592-4151
B-Dazz-L168 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-3619
Bella Nails156 E. Bonita Ave. Suite # C1909-599-0045
Bob's Barbershop156 W. Bonita Ave. 
Second Look138 W. Bonita Ave. #106909-599-1062
Classic Kids Cuts301 E. Bonita Ave. Suite # B909-305-0200
Five Doors Down150 W. Bonita Ave.909-305-0704
Ricciolo Salon Inc.125 E. Bonita Ave.909-599-9331
Hairmaster138 E. Bonita Ave. #E2909-592-3605
Marcelino's109 E. Bonita Ave.909-599-9008
Mayberry Barbershop141 E. Bonita Ave.909-592-8771
Now & Zen Salon & Day Spa237 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # D909-599-6633
Platform112 N. San Dimas Ave.909-971-0271
Salon VIP / Rosie Skin Care & Electrolysis129 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-9700
Rose of Asia Spa149 E. Bonita Ave.909-267-0543

Specialty Stores

Chalet Gourmet120 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # E909-592-7300
Clete's Liquor168 E. Bonita Ave.909-599-3118
Divers Outlet329 W. Bonita Ave.909-394-2180
Emerson's Gift Shoppe138 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # 105909-592-2452
O'Malleys Flower Mill169 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-4098
San Dimas Grain Co.142 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-1951
The Train Stop211 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-2602
San Dimas Wine Shop & Tasting Room225 W. Bonita Ave.909-971-9425
Step Easy235 W. Bonita Ave.909-632-8770
Frame Makers120 W. Bonita Ave. #C909-599-7919
The Art of Levy142 E. Bonita Ave. #206909-374-7511
Beautiful Quilt Fabric237 W. Bonita Ave. #A909-592-9569
Sassy Bags451 W. Bonita Ave. #8760-927-0048
San Dimas Ace Hardware201 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-2113
Sata Lawnmower Shop221 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-7930


San Dimas Chamber of Commerce246 E. Bonita Ave.909-592-3818
Festival of Western Arts121 N. San Dimas Ave.909-599-5374
San Dimas Historical Society121 N. San Dimas Ave.909-592-1190
San Dimas Rodeo210 W. Bonita Ave.909-394-RODEO
Advocates for Healthy Living142 E. Bonita Ave. #136909-581-4744


Better Home Financial - Wally Nikowitz151 W. Bonita Ave.909-394-5626
Police Tax121 E. Bonita Ave.877-700-9110
Bank of America135 W. Bonita Ave.909-865-2424
US Bank165 E. Bonita Ave.909-592-6462
Bailey, Meredity CPA237 W. Bonita Ave. #A909-592-9569
Padfield Financial Services425 W. Bonita Ave. #107909-599-3359
Accounting Solution425 W. Bonita Ave. #108909-592-4381
Donnelly Accounting Inc.425 W. Bonita Ave. #109909-599-2318
Jean Lee CPA425 W. Bonita Ave. #104909-592-6745
American Financial Services425 W. Bonita Ave. #209909-599-1317
Peak Financial Inc.451 W Bonita Ave. # 5909-592-1800
Integrity Financial & Insurance Services451 W. Bonita Ave. # 5909-592-2800
Parado Financial & Insurance237 W Bonita Ave #C909-592-0984


Law Office of Sandra Munoz-Harlow138 W. Bonita Ave. #205909-599-0830
Attorney Service of San Dimas142 E. Bonita Ave. #51909-394-1202
Law Office of Eddie L. Abner163 W. Bonita Ave. #B909-599-2101
Law Offices of Cheryl Panzer425 W. Bonita Ave. #101909-599-3717
Law Office of Thomas Diaz451 W. Bonita Ave. #5909-833-3200
Law Office of Samuel Lovely451 W. Bonita Ave. #9909-592-1900

Dry Cleaning

Bonded Cleaners409 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-0777
Tower Cleaners156 E. Bonita Ave. #C2909-971-0190


Quality Instant Printing163 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-0811

Real Estate

The Curtis Co.229 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # 19909-599-0830
TNT Marketing138 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # 104909-599-6630
Real Estate by Walterscheid150 W. Bonita Ave. #B909-599-2321
Triple Diamond Realty442 W. Bonita Ave.909-542-2222
Nicholas Realty451 W. Bonita Ave. #19909-971-9625
Mosaic Escrow, Inc.451 W. Bonita Ave. #1909-542-6500


Encore Fruit Marketing Inc.120 W. Bonita Ave. #204909-394-5640
CPS Signage & Marketing138 W. Bonita Ave. #203909-394-1317


SD Photography120 W. Bonita Ave. #E909-592-1695

Pet Grooming

San Dimas Pet Grooming143 E. Bonita Ave.909-238-2784


Computer Village161 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-5058


Via Verde Insurance Services229 W. Bonita Ave. #2A909-599-5828
Patricia Stone Insurance Service425 W. Bonita Ave. #206909-599-0821


Noah's Travels425 W. Bonita Ave. #103909-971-9950


Golden State Water Co.121 N. Exchange Place909-599-7077
ICI Worldwide Corporate Office175 W. Bonita Ave.909-592-6431
Walterscheid Electric Co.150 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-2321
Emerson's Lamp Repair138 W. Bonita Ave. Suite # 105909-592-0899
Postnet142 E. Bonita Ave.909-592-5860
Belay & Associates120 W. Bonita Ave. #207909-599-2936
Adult Community Independence138 W. Bonita Ave. #207909-599-6607
First Choice College Counseling142 E. Bonita Ave. #126626-513-6241
Tiger Graphics142 E. Bonita Ave. #183909-592-5657
Taylor Appraisal Management LLC142 E. Bonita Ave. #186909-519-3585
Utility Design Group Inc.142 E. Bonita Ave. #114626-240-8038
Secure Logic Systems142 E. Bonita Ave. #136951-323-9935
Sustainable Energy Solutions142 E. Bonita Ave. #114626-240-8038
Plegadis LLC163 W. Bonita Ave. #A626-253-0638
The Enterprise Company213 W. Bonita Ave.909-599-5413
Cabrey Lane Properties245 W. Bonita Ave.909-632-1350
Premier Action Group247 W. Bonita Ave.909-305-1023
Angelo & Associates425 W. Bonita Ave. #101909-599-2802
EC Hartman Civil Engineers425 W. Bonita Ave. #103909-599-3717
Bonita Counseling Center425 W. Bonita Ave. #204909-592-4431
Point One Design425 W. Bonita Ave. #106909-599-7054
Maureen McGuire Business Service425 W. Bonita Ave. #206909-394-1178
Spectrum Medical Management Services425 W. Bonita Ave. #110909-599-0981
Black Tie Management Inc.425 W. Bonita Ave. #201909-657-2380
Basler Garcia & Gifford425 W. Bonita Ave. #201909-305-1172
Valuation One Inc.442 W. Bonita Ave.909-542-0500
NAG Bonita LLC451 W. Bonita Ave. #19909-971-9625
Personal Touch Property Management451 W. Bonita Ave. #15909-592-1800
DF Polygraph451 W. Bonita Ave. #12909-971-9343
Justin Brown452 W. Bonita Ave. #5909-833-3200

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