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San Dimas Ave.

Bonita Avenue Renovation Project



The Bonita Avenue Boardwalk Streetscape Replacement and Renovation project is underway and will be completed in 7 Phases

December 15, 2016

This week the contractor has completed concrete sidewalk construction along the southern side of Bonita from Monte Vista to the Mercantile Building. Sidewalk construction was also completed along the eastern side of Monte Vista. In addition to the sidewalk construction, trees were installed along the northern side of Bonita.

Work will continue east, along the southern side of Bonita and the southern side of San Dimas Avenue. As always, businesses will remain open during construction.

November 18, 2016

Construction continues on the Bonita Project this week with the removal of the boardwalk and construction of sidewalk near Roady's restaurant and the removal and replacement of several driveway approaches throughout the project. The north most drive approach to the Chevron fuel station on San Dimas Avenue was constructed, the drive approach to the rear parking lot at Ace Hardware was replaced, and the drive approach exiting the train depot parking lot was replaced this week. Several sections of curb and gutter and under sidewalk drain structures were constructed, and forming of the clock tower base and concrete banding in the plaza area have been built. In addition, one access ramp near the plaza area was constructed.

November 10, 2016

Work on the Bonita Project this week included the construction of sidewalk on the north side of Bonita Ave. from San Dimas Avenue to Exchange Place. This completes the majority of sidewalk construction on the north side of Bonita Ave.

Boardwalk demolition began on the south side of Bonita Ave. Near the San Dimas Feed and Grain shop. Demolition will continue to the west towards Monte Vista Ave. followed by the construction of the plaza area and sidewalk between the plaza and Monte Vista.

October 28, 2016

Construction of Phase 3 (North Side of Bonita Avenue between Monte Vista Avenue and Exchange Place) is underway, and nearly complete. All major demolition, grading and compaction is completed. The sidewalk construction is substantially complete including sidewalk placement, saw cutting and acid wash finish. The forms are in place for tree grates, roof drain and pots. Including ADA compliant private property door threshold work. The City's contractor constructed temporary access ramps to ensure downtown businesses stay open over the weekend. The rain this week has provided minimal setbacks.

Things to look out for next week include, tree well excavation and backfill between Bank of America and the east driveway of Chevron Gas Station, demolition of boardwalk and concrete underlayment, demolition of west drive approach of gas station, place sidewalk concrete (80% complete), place 16" concrete band/tree grate; concrete bases.

October 21, 2016

Phase 2 is about 80% complete with the pending work of installation of trees, decorative pots and landscape plants. These tasks are expected to be completed towards the end project. Phase 3 removals began Monday, 10/17/2016 (from Exchange Place to Monte Vista). This work will continue with the hardscape expected to be in place during the week of 10/26/2016.

Additionally, part of Phase 7 activities are currently underway. The Public Plaza area (across from Exchange Place) along the south side was demolished, graded and drains were installed. Likewise, work will begin soon on the Public Plaza for the new decorative clock tower's foundation. The clock will be installed along with a custom drinking fountain (with a pet bowl at the base of the fountain) and lighted bollards.

October 14, 2016

It was an exciting week for the Bonita Project as the first phase of sidewalk was poured. The section of sidewalk between Monte Vista Avenue and the Wagon Wheel Square business center was poured on Thursday, October 13th. Score line saw cutting and wash finishing was completed on Friday, October 14th.

The project now moves to the next phase of work between Monte Vista Avenue and Exchange Place with more boardwalk and concrete underlayment removal as well as the installation of the under parkway drain located on the south side of Bonita Avenue near the San Dimas Grain Company store.

October 7, 2016

Phase 2 is in the final stages of work.  Throughout the project area tree wells will be excavated. Each hole will be 10' x15'x3' deep. The holes will be backfilled with a special soil designed to enhance tree growth. This work began Tuesday, October 5, 2016 and will continue until all tree wells have been excavated & backfilled. 

The southerly curb along W. Bonita Avenue from San Dimas Ave. to Monte Vista Ave. will be removed next. Work will begin Tuesday, October 11, 2016.  During demolition and reconstruction, there will be ACT 1 personnel working in the public right of way on the existing curb and gutter areas.  During this time, there will be no on street parking along the southern side of Bonita between San Dimas Ave. and Monte Vista Ave.  The boardwalk may be subject to intermittent closures and will not be accessible to foot traffic. Please use the indicated alternative routes and alternative (rear) storefront entrances as needed.  This work is expected to last through October 21, 2016.

September 30, 2016

Progress this week includes final grading of sidewalk sub-grade, forming sidewalk edges along the planter area near Ace Hardware, setting of the tree grate frames to grade along with the forming of the flowerpot pedestals. The Contractor also made final excavations to set the electrical pull boxes around the conduit stubs, and installed all flowerpot irrigation and drainage pipes.

The next week will bring final preparation for sidewalk pouring and a new sidewalk followed by saw cutting and finish texturing.

September 16,  2016

The contractor has completed the preparation work required for the installation of tree grates/frames, structural soil, construction of wood frames for under sidewalk drainage, installed concrete footing at 217 W. Bonita Ave. and completed electrical work in Rhoads Park.

This week the contractor will commence construction of the concrete sidewalk and install structural soil in tree wells in front of the businesses in Phase 2. During this week's construction, sidewalks will continue to be closed but business will remain open. 

September 9, 2016

The contractor has completed over excavations in preparation for installing the structural soil around the tree locations within Phase 2 of the project. Wood forms have been constructed for under sidewalk drainage, and electrical has been installed in the street lights in Rhoads park. Surveyors have staked the limits of the proposed sidewalk, and the contractor has completed final grading in preparation for constructing the proposed sidewalk within Phase 2.

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