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Home Occupation Permit

Home occupations for profit may be engaged in any residential zone subject to the following conditions:

1. There shall be no employment of help, other than members of the household that reside at the subject property.
2. There shall be no sale of goods associated with the home occupation on the premises.
3. The use shall not generate pedestrian or vehicular traffic above that which is typical of a residential neighborhood.
4. There shall be no unsightly storage of materials or supplies.
5. Not more than two rooms in the dwelling shall be occupied for a Home Occupation. However, an accessory building of not more than 200 square feet located in the rear yard, or an addition of not more than 200 square feet to an existing or a permitted structure may be used for a Home Occupation in lieu of rooms in the main house. No outdoor space shall be so used.
6. In no way shall the appearance of any structure or the conduct of the business within the
structure be such that any portion of the premises may be reasonably recognized as serving
a non-residential use, either by form, materials of construction, lighting, sounds, noises, odors, vibration, or other means.
7. Signage shall be limited to one nameplate per unit displaying the name of the home occupation engaged in on the premises subject to the following conditions:
a. Shall not exceed one square foot in area,
b. Shall be non-illuminated,
c. Shall be attached to the front façade of the residence or displayed inside a front façade facing window,
d. Shall be maintained and be of reasonable professional quality.
8. If the home occupation applicant is not the homeowner of where the home occupation will be conducted from, the property owner's written authorization shall be provided with the home occupation permit application.

Prohibited Uses

Home occupation permits shall not be granted for the following uses:
A. Massage practices and massage technicians. (Ord. 1085 § 17, 1998)

Click here for a Home Business Application or contact our Business License staff for further assistance and application form(s) at (909) 394-6224.

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