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Cottage Food Operation


Assembly Bill 1616, which became effective January 2013, allows individuals to operate food based businesses from their residential kitchens, known as Cottage Food Operations (CFO). Individuals who own and run these home-based businesses will be known as Cottage Food Operators. Operators are allowed to prepare certain State-approved foods, known as Cottage Foods, and sell their products both off-site and directly from their homes.

Permitting and Other Requirements

Prior to submitting a City of San Dimas Cottage Food Operation Application, individuals must first register their CFO with the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department. For registration requirements and additional information such as sanitary requirements, approved cottage foods and labeling requirements, please visit the County of Los Angeles Public Health website at and the California Department of Public Health website at


1. "Class A" CFOs means a CFO that may engage only in "Direct Sales" of cottage food products from the CFO or other direct sale venues.
2. "Class B" CFOs means a CFO that may engage in both "Direct Sales" and "Indirect Sales" of cottage food products from the CFO, from direct sales venues, from off-site events, or from a third-party retail food facility.
3. "Cottage Food Employee" means an individual, paid or volunteer, who is involved in the preparation, packaging, handling, and storage of a cottage food product, or otherwise works for the CFO. An employee does not include an immediate family member or household member of the cottage food operator.
4. "Cottage Food Operation" means an enterprise that is operated by a cottage food operator in a Private Home, classified as a Class "A" or "B", and has not more than one full-time employee, not including a family member or household member(s) of the cottage food operator, where cottage food products are prepared or packaged for direct or indirect sale to consumers.
5. "Cottage Food Operator" means an individual who operates a CFO in his or her Private Home and is the owner of the CFO.
6. "Cottage Food Products" means non-potentially hazardous foods that are prepared for sale in the kitchen of an approved CFO. Foods containing cream, custard or meat fillings are potentially hazardous and are not allowed.
7. "Direct Sales" means a transaction between a CFO operator and a consumer, where the consumer purchases cottage food products made by the CFO. Direct sales include, but are not limited to, transactions at holiday bazaars or other temporary events, such as bake sales or food swaps, certified farmer's markets, and transactions occurring in person at the Private Home where the CFO conducts business.
8. "Indirect Sales" means an interaction between a CFO, a third-party retailer, and a consumer, where the consumer purchases cottage food products made by the CFO from a third-party retailer. Indirect sales include, but are not limited to, sales made to retail shops or to retail food facilities where food may be consumed on the premises.

Click here to fill out and print the Cottage Food Operation Application

The link below will direct you to the section of the San Dimas Municipal Code that includes the Standards of Operation.

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