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Horsethief Canyon Park, San Dimas

Business License Permit Board

5.32.020 Issuance--Denial.

The license and permit hearing board, after investigation or hearing, shall have the power to grant or deny a permit required by this chapter and Chapters 5.28, 5.36 and 5.68.

Such board also may, in those cases where it is deemed that the public interest will be best served, refer the granting of such permit to the city council for a public hearing thereon without taking further action.

Such board, or the city council, shall grant or refuse any application for a permit where it determines upon the evidence submitted and within its sound discretion that the public peace, health, safety, morals or welfare of the city and its inhabitants will be best served by granting or refusing such permit.

If such permit is granted the board or the city council may impose such terms, conditions and restrictions upon the operation and conduct of such business, not in conflict with any paramount law, as it may deem necessary or expedient to protect the public peace, health, morals or welfare of the city or its inhabitants.

If a permit is denied, the license fee for such business shall be refunded, but the permit fee therefor shall not be refunded. (Prior code ยง 9-4)

Meets on the second and fourth Thursday morning of each month at 8:30 A.M. (unless otherwise announced and publicly noticed) in the City Hall West Conference Room of San Dimas City Hall at 245 East Bonita Avenue.

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