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Development Plan Review Board

The Design Review Board

The DPRB consists of seven members including representatives from City Council, Planning Commission, Chamber of Commerce, City Manager, Director of Development Services, Director of Public Works and an appointed member of the general public who shall be a resident of the City of  San Dimas.

Board members do not receive any compensation or stipend for serving on the Baord or attending meetings.

By Council policy a Board Member may not serve concurrently on more than one Commission or Board.

Meets on the second and fourth Thursday morning of each month at 8:30 A.M. (unless otherwise announced and publicly noticed) in the City Hall West Conference Room of San Dimas City Hall at 245 East Bonita Avenue.

Click here to View the Development Plan Review Board Agenda
Click here to View the Development Plan Review Board Minutes

What is Development Plan Review?

The City of San Dimas has instituted the Development Plan Review process with the objective to encourage and promote quality architecture and functional site design throughout the city. The Development Plan Review process allows all local development projects to be reviewed in a uniform manner so that all local projects may receive an adequate and equal review.

New residential development is required to incorporate excellent site design, attractive architectural design and a reasonable level of amenities.

New commercial, office professional and multiple family development is required to be designed with an "Early California" theme. In addition to the architectural quality that is required, functional and innovative design is also desired. The requirements are similar for new industrial development; however, quality contemporary design is acceptable rather than "Early California" design.

Building additions must be compatible with the existing building and also with the neighboring properties.

The objective of review is to assure that projects are internally balanced and harmonious and are complementary to adjacent properties.

Development Review Process

Some minor projects are exempt for the development review process. Projects such as small patio covers, swimming pools, wall signs that meet an established sign program, minor grading, fencing and landscaping and other similar development do not require DPRB review. Although DPRB review is not required, in many cases building plan check and permits are required.

Many small scale development projects may be reviewed and approved by the Development Services Department and do not require hearing by the DPRB. These smaller, or Director Review, projects include: cantilever decks; large second story decks; monument signs; small additions to commercial, office and industrial buildings; satellite dishes; and other similar development.

To gain approval of a project subject to Director Review, the following must be filed: a completed application form; any required application fee; a complete set of plans for the project; and any other information deemed necessary by the Development Services Department. The employees of the Development Services Department will provide you with an application checklist and assist you in any way possible to help you understand the process and in ensuring a complete application.

Projects falling into the category of Director Review will be reviewed by the Development Services Staff. A letter of approval or denial will be issued on each project that will list all conditions that the projects must meet before the project is considered completed.

Projects that require a full DPRB review will be heard in the setting of a regularly scheduled Board meeting. To have a project scheduled for a DRPB meeting, the following should be completed:
* Have a pre-application meeting with a member of the Development Services Department to discuss your project and the submittal requirements;
* Submit a complete application a minimum of two weeks before a meeting to be included on an agenda.

At the DPRB meeting, items will be reviewed according to the agenda. When an item is heard, Staff will outline the facts about the project(s), the issues that are significant and will make a recommendation to the Board. The Board will then ask questions of the Staff. The applicant and any member of the audience will then be given an opportunity to make a statement and make comments.

The DPRB, generally, follows Robert's Rules of Order, and a simple majority vote determines the final action on a project. Some items may be continued to allow the applicant the ability to make revisions and provide additional information.

Who Can Draw Plans?

Plans can be prepared by anyone; however, applicants should be aware that once their project progresses into plan check for building permits the plans must be prepared by a licensed professional. Applicants may find it advantageous and cost effective to use the services of a licensed professional for both DPRB process and construction plans. Construction plans to obtain a building permit must be prepared by a licensed "architect" or registered "professional engineer" or "civil engineer" per California Business & Professions Code ยง5536-5538. Likewise, construction grading plans to obtain a grading permit must be prepared by a "civil engineer". There are some exceptions that allow any person to prepare plans for certain smaller structures, such as woodframe single family homes not more than 2 stories, multiple dwellings of not more than four units and not more than 2 stories, garages and room additions to single family homes not more than 2 stories, and other types of nonstructural or non-seismic work.

Appealing a DPRB Decision

If an applicant or concerned member of the public would like to appeal either the decision of the DPRB or conditions imposed by the Board, an appeal to the City Council may be filed.

To file an appeal, a letter of appeal and an appeal fee must be filed with the City Clerk within 14 days of the official DPRB action.

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