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Planning Commission Members

Planning Commission Members

David Bratt
Appointed 8/03
Reappointed 8/05, 6/07, 6/09, 6/11, 08/13, 08/15
Term Expires 08/17

John Davis
Vice Chair
Appointed 6/07
Reappointed 7/08, 7/10, 07/12, 07/14, 07/16
Term Expires 08/18 

Margie Green
Appointed 08/15
Term Expires 08/17

Tomas Molina
Appointed 08/15
Reappointed 07/16
Term Expires 08/18

Ted Ross
Appointed 08/15
Term Expires 08/17

Contact Planning Commission Members

San Dimas Planning Commission
c/o Development Services Department
245 E. Bonita Avenue
San Dimas, CA  91773
(909) 394-6250
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