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Long Range Planning


Walnut Creek Habitat and Open Space

Long Range Planning resides within the Community Development Department, to plan for and manage the City's long-term growth. The division is responsible for developing plans, policies and programs. Specifically, the division develops, maintains and implements a coordinated, comprehensive general planning program for quality growth and development of the city that balances social, economic, and environmental goals.

In addition to completing special projects as needed, staff assists the community as it grows in meeting its long-range land use, circulation, and public facilities needs, and maintaining its quality of life. In doing this, the department provides a professional level of development services support to the general public, applicants, City departments, Design Review Commission, Planning Commission and the City Council. This division works with the community in the formulation and articulation of ideas in developing goals, which are then translated into policy. Extensive coordination with various government agencies and private sector interests is also a critical function.

Long Range Planning also includes policy analysis and development, mainly associated with plan implementation tools such as the Zoning Code and the Capital Improvements Program. Long Range Planning carries on a continuing relationship with numerous local and state government agencies responsible for physical and economic development, environmental protection, preservation, infrastructure development and service delivery activities that affect City's evolving character.

In addition Long Range Planning helps to understand how the social, economic and environmental benefits of particular development decisions weigh against the costs of a completed project. Fiscal impact analyses are done for land use proposals that go to City Council so they might better understand the short and long-term consequences of the proposal before accepting it.

Long Range Planning staff is responsible for maintaining the General Plan, which serves as the overall guide to growth management. The policies of the General Plan also form the basis for land use and development regulations such as the Zoning Ordinance and the Land Division Ordinance.

Long Range Planning considers the future development of the City. The following are the City of San Dimas major long range planning efforts:

  • Downtown Specific Plan - Review of existing zoning and development standards for Town Core commercial and adjacent areas
  • Walnut Creek Habitat and Open Space - Master plan for future use. View Site Assessment Report.
  • Mixed Use Rezoning - Evaluate sites to be rezoned per 2008 Housing Element
  • Green Building Program - Evaluate options for green building program per 2008 Housing Element
  • Climate Change and SB 375 - Review possible climate action plan opportunities
  • Historic Preservation Ordinance - Review existing regulations and procedures to determine if changes are needed

Other documents that may be of interest:

  • General Plan - The General Plan is the City's constitution for land use. It is a state mandated long range plan for the future of San Dimas and embodies the desires of the community for land use and development. It helps preserve the quality of life by turning the visions of the community into reality through a number of implementation measures.
  • Housing Element - The Housing Element ensures the City will meet the existing and projected housing needs of all economic segments of the community. The Housing Element focuses on preserving and improving housing and neighborhoods, providing adequate housing sites, assisting in the provision of affordable housing, and promoting fair and equal housing opportunities.
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