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Completed Civic Center Project


Constructed in 1969, the old San Dimas City Hall, Plummer Community Building, and Plaza were in dire need of a renovation to be able to effectively serve the community and future generations. The 40-year old buildings were crowded, inefficient, did not comply with modern building codes, and were not easily accessible to the disabled. Although the basic building shells are solid, the buildings systems, such as heating, cooling, and sewers were deteriorating and in need of replacement. The Plaza was falling apart, the fountain constantly leaked, and the concrete was cracked and patched.

In 2005, the Hattox Design Group was selected by the City to analyze City Hall space needs. The existing and future needs were studied. The study found that some existing staff were working out of converted storage rooms, and lacked desk space and conference rooms. The study determined that the existing City Hall building was too small to simply be remodeled to accommodate our needs.

The principal concept of the San Dimas Civic Center was to concentrate vital public services into a single convenient location in the heart of the city and to provide the community spaces for cultural, social, and recreational activities. 10,931 square feet was added to City Hall and 3,707 square feet was added to the Plummer Community Building.

Guaranteed Maximum Price

The City used a process called "Guaranteed Maximum Price" to control to costs of construction. The decision insured that the project was delivered in the most cost-effective manner possible, without expensive change orders. Program and Construction Manager-at-Risk (PCMR) is an integrated project delivery method that is designed to avoid the weaknesses of the traditional design-build approach. Chief among the benefits of the PCMR delivery method are the fixed price, the Guaranteed Maximum Price, and the opportunity to incorporate a contractor's perspective and input into planning and design decisions. Due to these benefits, and a proven track record of delivery projects on-time and on-budget, the Program and Construction Manager-at-Risk delivery method is now widely used by federal, state, and local agencies.

Program Manager

Griffin Structures Inc. and Swinerton handled Program Management and Construction Management respectively. The advantage of involving them early on in the design process is it allowed constructability input while the design was evolving and relatively easy to change. For example, one of the early design concepts was to build an addition on the west side of City Hall which is eight feet higher than the existing parking lot. Initially it was thought that we could take advantage of this grade difference with a few more feet of excavation, to create an extra floor underneath the addition to accommodate community meeting rooms. After studying how to actually build this it was determined that the cost was too high due to structural elements. During discussion with City Council it was decided to pursue an addition to the font of the Plummer Community Building to create community meeting rooms.

Architect Hired

The City hired Nestor Gaffney Architects as the architect. The architect designed several notable similar municipal projects, including the City of Santa Ana City Hall expansion and renovation, and the Cypress community Center expansion and renovation. As the design progressed, a series of presentations were made to the City Council to solicit their input as well.

Click here to view the progress of the City Hall renovation and expansion.


Completed Civic Center Project

Civic Center Green Building Features

City Hall Renovation Slideshow

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