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Historic Downtown San Dimas

Safety Bulletins and Advisories

Homeowner's Guide to Earthquake Safety
This booklet will help you strengthen your home against earthquake damage. This Booklet is also designed to assist you in filling out the required Residential Earthquake Hazards Report when you sell your home if it was built before 1960.

Commercial Property Owner's Guide to Earthquake Safety
This booklet will help you strengthen your building against earthquake damage. This Booklet is also designed to assist you in filling out the required Commercial Earthquake Disclosure Report when you sell your property if it has either: precast (tilt-up) concrete or reinforced masonry walls with wood frame floors or roofs built before 1975, or unreinforced masonry, or non-ductile concrete, or a soft or weak story or open front, or a steel frame built before 1995.

Swimming Pool Safety Act of 2006
This advisory explains code requirements to retrofit existing pools and spas to upgrade the suction outlet (drain) to current anti-entrapment standards as a condition of building permit final for alterations to single family homes. This regulation applies to all pool and spa alterations.

Carbon Monoxide: A Winter Month's Health Threat
The California Air Resources Board issued a carbon monoxide health warning, recommending annual inspections for combustion appliances such as ovens and propane heaters, and installation of life-saving CO detectors.

Carbon Monoxide Detector
California Senate Bill 183 was signed into law which requires the installation of Carbon Monoxide detectors in rental units, and dwellings that are being transferred (sold) after July 1, 2011. It also requires that Carbon Monoxide detectors are installed in ALL homes by January 1st, 2013.

Fire Safety
The State Fire Marshal has declared that portions of San Dimas are located within a Moderate, High or Very High Fire Severity Zone (see maps below) and adopted more stringent building codes for those areas. The 2010 California Residential Code requires that all new homes be fire sprinklered. In addition, the 2010 California Residential Code (Section R237) requires that all new buildings within a Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Area be constructed with either "ignition resistant" or "non-combustible" materials.

Fire Hazard Severity Zone Map

Unreinforced Masonry Buildings (URMs)
The City of San Dimas is proud of our architectural heritage. We place a high priority on protecting and preserving historic buildings while encouraging their continued use. Some of these buildings built prior to 1934 are constructed of unreinforced masonry-bearing walls (URM buildings), which have been recognized as a hazard due to the potential for collapse in an earthquake. Senate Bill 547, passed July, 1986, formally declared these URMs to be a potential hazard and required local governments to mitigate the hazard. In 2004, California adopted Assembly Bills 2533 and 3032 bills which apply to unreinforced masonry buildings and created responsibilities for their owners. Brought about by the death of a young woman during the Paso Robles earthquake, these bills are intended to warn both tenants and occupants of their inherent danger should an earthquake occur.

The City declares as its goal the retrofitting of URM buildings to the standards recommended by the California State Seismic Commission, as adopted and amended within the San Dimas Municipal Code, without loss or degradation of qualified historic buildings and without detracting from the historic characteristics of the city.

Identified Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

Assemby Bill 2533

Assembly Bill 3032


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