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Emergency Operations Center (EOC)

Emergency preparedness measures can save lives in an event of a disaster.   Professional and practiced emergency procedures are essential in limiting chaos.  The City of San Dimas values preparedness measures to assure the community will be well organized in an event of adversity.  Therefore, the City of San Dimas has made sure that its Emergency Operation Center (EOC) is well equipped with technology and tools essential for emergencies.

The EOC is located at the Sheriff's Station on Walnut Avenue.  The  City has purchased a software program for the EOC that will help tremendously in an urgent situation.  All staff has completed mandatory incident command training and the EOC staff have participated in on-going EOC preparedness instructions.  City staff also participated in a tabletop exercise and a count y-wide exercise to help prepare for emergencies.  Planning for emergencies makes a great difference in how quickly cities respond.  The City of San Dimas aims at being certain that they are prepared for any circumstance.

Slide Show of Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Drill

EOC Coordinator talks with Sheriff's Department.

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