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Historic Downtown San Dimas

City Capital Improvement Projects

CC2017-03 Cienega Ave Reconstruction From Arrow Hwy to Lone Hill

UPDATE: 9/13/2017
The contractor has completed cement treatment and base paving on the outer lanes. Traffic will be diverted onto the outer lanes, so that the pulverizing work can begin on the inner lanes. Once the pulverizing and grading is complete, the contractor will mix cement with the pulverized material. This phase is estimated to start on 9/20/17. The cement treatment will need to cure for 5-7 days before the contractor can base pave these inner lanes.

During the construction of the inner lanes, truck deliveries (longer loads) will need to make left turns in and out of the businesses. All other passenger vehicles should plan on right in and right out of driveways.

How you can help: Right turn access/egress for passenger vehicles will help keep dust down and allow the faster completion of this phase of construction. Also please remember to follow the temporary traffic control signs (30 mph speed limit and signs posted with turning movement restrictions) which are required by law. The temporary traffic control is designed to make the construction zone safe for passing vehicles and actually helps speed up the construction process.

UPDATE: 9/5/2017
The contractor is finalizing the cement treatment of the outer lanes. Once the cement treatment has cured to become strong, the outer lanes will be base paved. The base pavement will be left low to make room for the final paving layer that will be completed when the entire street has been base paved.

During the week of Sept 10-17th, the contractor anticipates switching the traffic to the outer lanes so reconstruction work can begin on the inner lanes.


Beginning in August 2017, Cienega Avenue will undergo major reconstruction from Arrow Highway to Lone Hill Avenue. The City Council of San Dimas has invested $1.5 million dollars to complete these much needed repairs which will provide a long lasting benefit to the City's businesses and residents.

The project will begin with the repair of concrete improvements including sidewalks, curb and gutters, and upgrades of corner ramps. Additionally, the Contractor will locate and fill an abandoned concrete irrigation line that has been the cause of several potholes on Cienega Ave. Upon completion of the concrete repairs, the Contractor will begin complete reconstruction of the asphalt pavement section. The proposed process of Full Depth Reclamation utilizes some of the "greenest" technologies available for street reconstruction. This process will reuse and recycle the existing asphalt concrete, the underlying aggregate base and soil by pulverizing these materials in place. In addition to reducing truck traffic for import and export of material, this process also greatly reduces the need for imported material.

The street repairs will continue with the construction of new asphalt placed in multiple layers to provide for a more uniform ride. The asphalt will also be environmentally friendly as it will incorporate ground-up recycled tires creating a rubberized asphalt cap. Not only has this rubberized asphalt proven to be more durable, it also reclaims used California tires that would otherwise be disposed of in landfills. New lane line striping will conclude construction.

Residents and businesses can expect to see construction from mid-August until the end of October. The City will work to expedite construction in order to minimize the duration of the construction. For everyone's safety, please obey all temporary traffic control signs. 

Thank you in advance for your patience's during the reconstruction.  For further information, please contact Public Works at (909) 394-6240.

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