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2008-2014 Housing Element
San Dimas Adopts Housing Element

State law recognizes the vital role local governments play in the supply and affordability of housing. All jurisdictions in California are required to adopt a comprehensive long range General Plan to guide its physical development. The housing element is one of the seven mandated elements of the General Plan. Housing element law, enacted in 1969, mandates that local governments adequately plan to meet the existing and projected housing needs of all people within the community-regardless of their income. The underlying premise of Housing element law is that in order for the private market to adequately address housing needs and demand, local governments must adopt land use plans and regulatory systems which provide opportunities for, and do not unduly constrain, housing development. As a result, the recently adopted housing element (November 25, 2008) contains programs that provide San Dimas with a framework to address our existing and projected housing needs.

Housing element law also requires the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) review local housing elements for compliance with State law. A housing element in compliance with state law provides advantages when competing for state grant funds.
View the Housing Element (Adobe Acrobat, 4383KB)
Waitlist Survey
View the waitlist (Adobe Acrobat, 20KB)
Database of Affordable Units
The attached list is intended to comply with the provisions of AB 987, which became effective January 1, 2008. The attachment describes existing and substantially rehabilitated housing units that were developed or otherwise assisted with Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds counted toward the Agency's project area housing production or replacement housing obligations imposed by Section 33413 of the Community Redevelopment Law.

Additional information on all other existing and substantially rehabilitated housing units assisted by the Agency, but not included in AB 987 requirements has also been included in the database for information purposes.

The database is only a listing of affordable housing that has been assisted with Low and Moderate Income Housing Funds; it is not a listing identifying available housing.

View Database (Adobe Acrobat, 28KB)
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