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One Person's Trash
One Person's Trash (Adobe Acrobat, 1417KB)
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Directory
Do you have items that are recyclable but not sure what to do with them? Several stores in town accepts recyclable items that can be reuse or recycled. It is encouraged that you call the store before taking your items. Thanks for doing your part in helping the environment. Click on the link below to see the participating stores.
Reduce, Reuse & Recycle Directory (Adobe Acrobat, 26KB)
Hazardous Waste
Household hazardous waste is any leftover product labeled toxic, poison, corrosive, flammable, combustible, or irritant, that you want to discard. Find out more at the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works website.

For scheduled Household Hazardous Waste Roundup events throughout LA County, click on the link below.
Website to LA County Household Hazardous Waste
San Dimas' One Bin Recycling Program
Not sure what you can or can't recycle?

YES, You Can Recycle:
Junk Mail
Paper Bags
Cereal Boxes
Wrapping Paper
Plans (no velim)
Telephone Books
Post Its
File Folders
Cardboard Envelopes windows ok

*Plastic Bottles, Jugs & Tubs (#1 - #6) - i.e.: Soda, Catsup, Yogurt
*Aluminum, Tin & Steel Cans - i.e.: Soda, Canned Veggies, Soup
*Glass Bottles & Jars (colored glass okay) - i.e.: Soda, Pasta Sauce

NO, You Can Not Recycle:
Paper Towels or Tissues
Coffee Cups
Drinking Glasses
Ceramic Dishes
Wax Paper
Plastic Utensils
Food, etc.
Every Day Earth Day
Recycling, Water & Hazardous Waste Tips

* Recycle all Paper (junk mail, boxes, magazines, envelopes, cereal and cookie boxes), Bottles and Cans (aluminum, glass, metal, and plastic).
* Drop off Hazardous Waste (motor oil, paint, household cleaners, yard-care products, etc), Electronic Waste (computers, T.V.'s, VCR's, cell phones, etc), & Universal Waste (batteries, mercury thermometers, fluorescent light bulbs, etc) at the regularly scheduled Household Hazardous Waste Collection sites. For more information on these free events, visit or call 1.888.CLEAN.LA
* Buy cleaning products that are non-hazardous or less hazardous to the environment.
* Be aware when using water - take shorter showers, bring car to the car wash (where they recycle & reuse the water) and turn the water off when brushing teeth.
* Follow directions on hazardous product labels and store these products safely.
* Sweep the yard and put the trimmings in yard waste can.
* Never use or waste water to clean the driveway and never put yard waste (or anything - especially hazardous waste) down the storm drains because they flow to the ocean.
* Practice Every Day Earth Day Tips with family and friends at home, work and school.

Call the City of San Dimas with recycling, water & hazardous waste questions at 909.394.6240 or 1.888.CLEAN.LA
Green Gift Giving Ideas
Nationwide every Christmas, almost one billion dollars worth of unwanted gifts end up in storage or the garbage. Below are some great green gift ideas that will reduce waste:

* Reduce packaging, by giving an "experience," such as: a massage; dance lessons; gift certificates, a day at the Spa; theater, dance or music event tickets ( sells various tickets at half price); a pass to local museums; and/or a season pass to Disneyland. Also, help your loved ones reduce their waist by getting them a gym membership.
* Buy gifts that benefit the environment, such as a membership to an environmental organization, gardening items, or products from recycled content products. Also, consider long-lasting "environmental" gifts like a solar battery charger with rechargeable batteries, a compost bin, or a travel mug.
* Give a gift certificate to the person's favorite clothing store, record store, or restaurant. While you may think this has less thought involved, the receiver will kindly think of you when they are using the certificate to get exactly what they want.
* Give NO gift at all (just a card or a hug.).
* To get rid of those "never used holiday gifts" from years past, have a White Elephant Gift Exchange with your friends, family and coworkers. Hopefully, you'll get something better than that year old fruitcake you entered in the exchange.
* Donate your unwanted gifts to thrift stores.
* For more great green ideas, check out the Green Gift Catalog at
* And finally, the best green gift of all - the one size fits all kind of gift: CA$H!
Correctly Dispose of Needles and Sharps Materials
As of September 2008, it is illegal to throw home-generated needles and other sharps materials in garbage or recycling containers. Improperly disposed syringes, hypodermic needles and other sharps materials can cause serious health hazards to our families and community.

The City of San Dimas has partnered with Waste Management for a home-delivered mailback system. Contact Waste Management to schedule a delivery on your next pick up date at (909) 599-1274. The first kit per year is free, and additional kits can be purchased for $5 each.
Website to Clean LA
Stop Unwanted Mail for Free
Anti-junk-mail services stop unwanted mail for free.

To remove your name from junk (aka: unwanted) mail lists, visit:
Or, send a postcard with all variations of your name & address to:
Mail Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association
P.O. Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY, 11735-9608
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