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Costco Draft EIR

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Costco FEIR Response to Comments
Review Response to Comments (Large File Size) (Adobe Acrobat, 3780KB)
Costco Notice of Availability
View the FEIR NOA (Adobe Acrobat, 98KB)
Revision II - Recirculated Transportation/Traffic
Revision II - Recirculated Transportation/Traffic (Adobe Acrobat, 2818KB)
Final EIR - Response to Comments
View the Document (Note: Large File Size) (Adobe Acrobat, 11050KB)
Notice of Availability
View this Document (Adobe Acrobat, 95KB)
Costco Revised Recirculated Traffic/Circulation
View this Document (Adobe Acrobat, 3488KB)
Executive Summary
Costco Executive Summary (Adobe Acrobat, 102KB)
Table of Contents
Table of Contents (Adobe Acrobat, 17KB)
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Costco Chapter 1 (Adobe Acrobat, 28KB)
Chapter 2 - Project Description
Costco Chapter 2 (Adobe Acrobat, 4470KB)
Chapter 3A- Aesthetics
Costco Chapter 3A (Adobe Acrobat, 4056KB)
Chapter 3B - Air Quality
Costco Chapter 3B (Adobe Acrobat, 56KB)
Chapter 3C - Biological Resources
Costco Chapter 3C (Adobe Acrobat, 38KB)
Chapter 3D - Cultural Resources
Costco Chapter 3D (Adobe Acrobat, 37KB)
Chapter 3E - Geology & Soils
Costco Chapter 3E (Adobe Acrobat, 38KB)
Chapter 3F - Hazardous Materials
Costco Chapter3F (Adobe Acrobat, 52KB)
Chapter 3G - Hydrology & Water Quality
Costco Chapter 3G (Adobe Acrobat, 1014KB)
Chapter 3H - Land Use
Costco Chapter 3H (Adobe Acrobat, 970KB)
Chapter 3I - Noise
Costco Chapter 3I (Adobe Acrobat, 839KB)
Chapter 3J - Population and Housing
Costco Chapter 3J (Adobe Acrobat, 29KB)
Chapter 3K - Public Services & Utilities
Costco Chapter 3K (Adobe Acrobat, 155KB)
Chapter 3L - Transportation-Traffic
Costco Chapter 3L (Adobe Acrobat, 1507KB)
Chapter 4 - Alternatives
Costco Chapter 4 (Adobe Acrobat, 845KB)
Chapter 5 - Other CEQA Considerations
Costco Chapter 5 (Adobe Acrobat, 11KB)
Chapter 6 - References
Costco Chapter 6 (Adobe Acrobat, 15KB)
Chapter 7 - Report Preparation
Costco Chapter 7 (Adobe Acrobat, 5KB)
Chapter 8 - Acronyms
Costco Chapter 8 (Adobe Acrobat, 13KB)
Appendix A
Costco Appendix (Adobe Acrobat, 1523KB)
Appendix B
Costco Appendix (Adobe Acrobat, 481KB)
Appendix C
Costco Appendix C (Adobe Acrobat, 250KB)
Appendix D
Costco Appendix D (Adobe Acrobat, 47KB)
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