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UPDATE: 9/13/2017
The contractor has completed cement treatment and base paving on the outer lanes. Traffic will be diverted onto the outer lanes, so that the pulverizing work can begin on the inner lanes. Once the pulverizing and grading is complete, the contractor will mix cement with the pulverized material. This phase is estimated to start on 9/20/17. The cement treatment will need to cure for 5-7 days before the contractor can base pave these inner lanes.

During the construction of the inner lanes, truck deliveries (longer loads) will need to make left turns in and out of the businesses. All other passenger vehicles should plan on right in and right out of driveways.

How you can help: Right turn access/egress for passenger vehicles will help keep dust down and allow the faster completion of this phase of construction. Also please remember to follow the temporary traffic control signs (30 mph speed limit and signs posted with turning movement restrictions) which are required by law. The temporary traffic control is designed to make the construction zone safe for passing vehicles and actually helps speed up the construction process.