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CC2018-03 San Dimas Avenue Et Al Pavement Rehabilitation Project Including the Antonovich Trailhead Parking Lot



                  Antonovich Trailhead Parking Lot



San Dimas Avenue Et Al (Highlighted)


CC2018-03 San Dimas Avenue Et Al Pavement Rehabilitation Project is a super project that combines pavement rehabilitation of San Dimas Avenue from Via Verde Avenue to Puddingstone Drive, pavement reconstruction of Puente Avenue from Via Verde Avenue to Via Palomares and construction of parking lot improvement on the Antonovich Trailhead (Los Angeles County to reimburse the City for the cost of parking lot improvements).

In total, the project consists of over 530,000 square feet of pavement rehabilitation.  Concrete work includes the installation of over 3,200 linear feet of curb and the installation of 2,200 square feet of sidewalk.  All sidewalk corner ramps (ADA ramps) within the project boundaries will be upgraded to current standards.  Safety enhancements will be added to crosswalks including a solar-powered Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon (RRFB) at the Antonovich Trail crosswalk.  Parallel parking stalls and sidewalk will be added to the west side of San Dimas Avenue north of the Trailhead to provide an additional 12 parking spaces for trail users.  Accommodation of the additional parking stalls requires upgrading the existing guardrail and striping modifications.

This project is expected to start in August 2018 and will take approximately four months to complete.


Project Update:

Week of September 24

  • Form concrete improvements in Antonovich Trailhead (Curb, Rolled Curb, ADA parking stall, sidewalk, and ADA ramp).

Week of September 17

  • Finish Rough Grading at Antonovich Trailhead.
  • Fine Grade Antonovich Trailhead to design elevations for hardscape improvements.
  • Begin concrete removals on San Dimas Ave.

Week of September 10

  • Mobilization of equipment into Antonovich Trailhead.
  • Complete installation of Stormwater protection BMP’s (Best Management Practices) along project.  Stormwater protection BMP’s are measures the City takes to prevent construction materials from entering the storm drains adjacent to the project site.  These measures can include placing filter fabric, sandbags, fencing, and/or straw wattles (elongated straw filled sacks) in front of storm drains.
  • Begin Grading of Antonovich Trailhead.


Please contact the Public Works Department with any questions or concerns related to this project at (909) 394-6240 or



CC2018-02 Golden Hills Road Reconstruction/Realignment Project



The new roadway alignment is in a gold in this image.

Existing Golden Hills Road between San Dimas Canyon Road and Linda Lane (west of Wheeler Avenue) has been closed to through traffic for public safety and is only accessible for emergency vehicles. The project includes the construction of the realigned Golden Hills Road (approx. ¼ mile in length) through the San Dimas Sediment Placement Site, a Los Angeles County Flood Control District facility (see attached project map).  The new roadway will provide additional access for the residents of La Verne and San Dimas, as well as provide access for emergency services to these areas.  The County of Los Angeles will also have better access to their San Dimas Canyon Dam facility.  Construction is anticipated to begin on August 13, 2018, and its anticipated to take approximately four months to complete.


Project Update:

The general contractor has cleared the area for the new roadway will continue with grading operations.  Grading operations include removing existing soil to reach a firm bottom, backfilling, and compacting soil to build up the subgrade of the new roadway.  In addition, the contractor has started to install a storm drain pipe and continue with storm drain facility installations.

Please contact the Public Works Department with any questions or concerns related to this project at (909) 394-6240 or

CC2018-05 Juanita Et Al Street Improvement Project:
Pavement Preservation

The Juanita et al pavement preservation project consists of asphalt pavement and miscellaneous concrete repairs for the above-highlighted streets.  Additionally, the project involves the reconstruction of Marchant Park parking lots which will take place after the dedication ceremony on July 28, 2018.

Construction began on July 19, 2018, and is expected to finish on August 17, 2018.

Project Update:

  • The project was substantially complete August 15, 2018, with only minor construction work remaining for project completion. Traffic striping and remaining punch list work are scheduled for mid-September.
  • Beginning July 19 through July 27 concrete work will be taking place including wheelchair ramps and curb/gutter work.
  • Pavement work will begin the first week of August and is scheduled to be completed prior to August 17th.

Please contact the Public Works Department with any questions or concerns related to this project at (909) 394-6240 or