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Community Forest Management Plan

The Community Forest Management Plan was created to establish and maintain effective, long-term management of the urban forest. This plan defines and illustrates the policies and procedures that are utilized by City staff in the management and care of all trees located on City property or within the City’s public right-of-way. The Management Plan documents the official standards for the planting, pruning, removal, preservation, and protection of all City-owned trees. These policies are based upon the highest nationally recognized standards set for tree care and act as the source reference for City staff for the implementation of the duties, authorities, and regulations delineated in Title 13 of the San Dimas Municipal Code.

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Pruning Schedule

City of San Dimas Tree Pruning Schedule

Within the City of San Dimas, there are over 8,000 community trees. Community trees are those which are located in parkways, front yards within the City right-of-way or planting easement, City parks and in city-owned facilities. The Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the daily management of community trees. West Coast Arborists are contracted by the City to provide maintenance services for these trees. Those services include; pruning, planting and when necessary removal of community trees.

Most community trees are scheduled to be trimmed every four to five years depending on the annual budget. The goal of the Parks and Recreation Department is to trim each tree every four years. Trees in high use areas such as downtown, near schools and on major streets must be trimmed more often for traffic and pedestrian clearance. For purposes of scheduling, the City has been divided into twenty zones with each of these zones falling into one of four major districts;

Southern Area District A- Zones 1 thru 8

Mid-Southern Area District B- Zones 9 thru 13

Mid-Northern Area District C- Zones 14 thru 16

Northern Area District D- Zones 17 thru 20

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