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The Los Angeles Basin is periodically subject to devastating floods resulting in substantial property damage. Such damage is intensified by debris flows resulting from the destruction of the watershed by major brush fires. Public Works has prepared this publication to provide information on devices and measures to protect your property, which will cost less to install and maintain than to recover from flood damage to your property.

The following discussion stresses measures to mitigate issues of particular significance to the growing number of residents in hillside areas. These temporary measures can be accomplished by individual homeowners or their hired professionals. Although the information is intended to develop measures to reduce the threat of flood damage, there is no guarantee that they will prevent all damage or injury. When the storm season arrives (October to April), flooding and debris flows occur, making it more difficult to perform emergency work. Therefore, it is recommended that residents initiate preparation for the rainy season immediately.

Click here to view the full Homeowner’s Guide for Debris, Flood, and Erosion Control.