The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is currently conducting a countywide NextGen Bus Study.  Metro needs your help to reimagine a bus system that is more relevant, reflective of, and attractive to LA County residents.  Check out the Study website to learn more and stay involved:

The entire Study will take about 18 months, with improved bus service going into effect starting in Fall 2019. The entire NextGen Bus Study is estimated to take about 18-months and consists of four distinct steps. At each step, the public will be encouraged to actively participate and provide informative and valuable input. Currently, they are in Step 1, which is focused on elevating public awareness and listening to all stakeholders groups input.




What improvements is Metro considering?

Some of the improvements that are under consideration include:

  • Lines that sync with ridesharing services and connect with trains and bikes
  • Buses that run when you need them to, including late-nights and weekends
  • Service that is more frequent and reliable
  • A bus system that requires fewer transfers and is easy to navigate
  • Cleaner buses and bus stops