The City has authorized Care For The Children to paint address numbers on all curbs within the City.

Care For The Children will provide all materials and labor for the service which estimated to be $20 per address. Since the city does not pay Care For The Children, they will be accepting voluntary donations from residents after the work is completed. Checks will be accepted and payable to Care For The Children. 20% of your contribution will be donated to the San Dimas Senior Club.

The proceeds that Care For The Children receives will be used toward their Food Baskets for Seniors Program. Care For The Children provides food to 483 homebound seniors in six different cities.

The City will issue Care For The Children a permit which will require that the numbers be painted by the City’s specifications: 4-inch black numbers on a white reflective background on the face of the curb.

Care For The Children will only collect donations between 4 pm to 8 pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. We recommend that you ask to see identification before giving your donation.

For more information, or concerns regarding Care For The Children or the San Dimas Senior Club, contact:

Care For The Children
P. O. Box 3144
Whittier, CA 90607
(888) 490-9751

OR Jay Jones, San Dimas Senior Club at (909) 394-6290

If your address was painted incorrectly or if you have any complaints, call Care For The Children at (888) 490-9751.

Click here to view the map and schedule