The City of San Dimas would like to remind residents about some best practices for summertime pool maintenance. Did you know our storm drain systems carry water directly to the ocean? The storm drain systems include drainage swales, streets and gutters, catch basins, and storm drain channels.

Improperly draining and maintaining your pool can cause polluted water to fill our oceans. The best practices for draining and maintaining your pool are to drain to the p-trap and into the sewer system where this water is treated, rather than into the storm drain system.  It’s also recommended to store your pool maintenance chemicals in an enclosed and contained area to protect them from mixing with rainwater and prepare for spills.  When polluted waters enter the storm drain system, they impact the environment and can harm wildlife and humans.  Disposal of anything, other than rainwater, into the storm drain system, is a violation of the San Dimas Municipal Code and the Federal Clean Water Act.

If you have additional questions about this or observe any illegal disposal in drainage swales, catch basins, or on the street, contact the Public Works Department at (909) 394-6240.  We can all do our part to keep our community and environment pollutant-free!