Waste Disposal and Recycling


The City contracts with Waste Management for Curbside and Business trash collection and recycling. Residents can call (800) 266-7551 for billing/pick-up questions or to schedule a bulky item pick up. All residential waste is picked up weekly on Tuesday.

Click here to see the 2018 San Dimas Residential Rates
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Fall Leaf Program

San Dimas residents can take advantage of the fall leaf recycling program that allows an unlimited amount of extra leaves and green waste to be left for collection. Just place any green waste that doesn’t fit in your cart in bags, and leave it on the curb on your usual collection day. This program runs December through February.

Christmas Tree Recycling

After the holidays, residents with curbside recycling collection will also be able to recycle real Christmas trees at the curb for three weeks after Christmas. When the time comes, please remove all decorations, ornaments, lights, garland, and tinsel, as well as the stand. If the stand is not removed from your tree, the tree will not be picked up for recycling. If your tree is more than 6 feet tall, please cut it into two pieces before placing it at the curb, it should be bare. Place the bare tree next to your normal recycling bin on your collection day. For more information on this or other recycling programs, call the Environmental Coordinator at (909) 394-6244.


All billing questions and concerns can be addressed with Waste Management by calling
(800) 266-7551

Senior Discount

As of January 2018, San Dimas residents 65 years and older may qualify for a 30% discount on their waste collection bill. To qualify, simply call Waste Management customer service at (800) 266-7551 or click the link below to complete the discount application form.

Senior Discount Application Form

Battery Recycling

All household, lithium, and cell phone batteries can be dropped off at the Public Works counter in City Hall or the kiosk at the Senior Center, both of which are located at 245 East Bonita Avenue.

Drought Tolerant Landscape Discount Program

Residents who no longer need green waste service may qualify for a monthly discount of $2.95. To qualify for this discount, residents must surrender their green waste carts and cancel green waste service with Waste Management.

Commercial Recycling Mandates

Mandatory Organic Commercial Recycling

Assembly Bill 1826 also known as the “Mandatory Organics Recycling Requirement” became effective April 1st, 2016 and required businesses producing (4) or more cubic yards of organic waste per week and multi-family complexes with five (5) or more units to have an organic recycling program. “Organic waste” means food waste, green waste, landscape and pruning waste, nonhazardous wood waste, and food-soiled paper waste that is mixed in with solid waste. To meet the requirements of organic recycling businesses can engage in any of the following:

– Source separate organic waste from other waste and participate in a waste recycling service that includes collection and recycling of organic waste.

– Recycle organic waste on site, or self-haul organic waste off-site for recycling.

– Subscribe to an organic waste recycling service that may include mixed waste processing that recycles explicitly organic waste

Mandatory Commercial Recycling

The Passage of Assembly Bill 341 required the City to adopt a plan which mandates ALL businesses generating four (4) or more cubic yards of waste and including ALL multifamily complexes with five (5) or more units to have a recycling program in place in an attempt to achieve a statewide 75% diversion waste rate by the year 2020. This requirement became effective July 1, 2012. The Goals of this regulation are to:

  •  Reduce commercial solid waste from landfills
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  •  Create jobs and expand recycling manufacturing in California

To comply with this law, businesses and multifamily dwellings can take one or any combination of the following to reuse, recycle, compost or otherwise divert solid waste from disposal:

  •  Self-haul recyclable material for reclamation
  • Subscribe to recycling service through the City’s franchised hauler
  • Arrange for pickup of recyclables from a third party recycle
  •  Subscribe to a recycling service that may include mixed waste processing that yields diversion results comparable to source separation.
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